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What is CARDS? 

CARDS, which stands for Claims and Regulatory Data System, is the custom-built system for use by Workers’ Compensation Section (WCS) staff as well as our stakeholders, Insurers and TPAs.

Why Should an Insurer or TPA use CARDS? 

It’s mandatory! Certain required reporting, such as the Insurer and TPA Information Forms, can only be submitted via the CARDS web portal. Failure to submit the reports may result in administrative fines.

Who Can Use CARDS?   

Each insurer and TPA is required to have two “Account Administrators” who are responsible for adding users and granting permissions within the system. Account Administrators are approved and set up by WCS staff. Only registered users added by Account Administrators can access CARDS. Registered users must be granted permissions by Account Administrators to access specific information.

How Do I Access CARDS?

CARDS is found at Anyone can register as a user and login but will not have access to the portal functions unless they are added by an Insurer or TPA Account Administrator.  Users that are affiliated with more than one Insurer only need to register once to access all affiliated entities, provided they have been granted such permission by the Account Administrator(s).

What Can an Insurer or TPA Do in CARDS?  

Keep Contact Info Current: 

Log in and update key staff, addresses, phone and fax numbers.  The Insurer Information Form and TPA Information Form are web forms and after the first submission, all submitted information is saved. Just log in and update.  Updates must be approved by WCS staff, and will be visible to the user after processing is complete. Keeping contacts current ensures the correct people receive data call notices and other important WCS notifications and correspondence. Insurers “link” their contracted TPAs including contract start and end dates, using the Insurer Information Form. Once TPAs are linked and the Information Form is processed by WCS, Insurers can even give them permissions to submit D-38’s on their behalf. “Linking” your TPAs is important for private carriers as this information is used by our coverage verification service (CVS) on our public website. When employer coverage is found through CVS, and the insurance company information is displayed, the “Click here for claim process information” link is connected to CARDS to display the linked TPAs and/or claims office information.  

Submit D-38s (Claims Indexing): 

This is a very popular feature in CARDS. All claims are required to be reported to Workers’ Compensation Section pursuant to NRS 616B.018. CARDS offers an easy-to-use web form to comply with this requirement. (A flat file format is also an option.) Once a claim is submitted and WCS staff process it, required updates are as easy as retrieving the claim in the system and entering new/updated information.

Run Reports: 

Industry reports are available such as claim denial, average cost per claim, etc. Keep in mind the reports use the data that is submitted via the D-38 by the stakeholders!   


The first step in CARDS for an insurer or TPA is to designate 2 CARDS Account Administrators by completing and submitting the CARDS Account Administrator Designation Form. Account Administrators are responsible for adding individual users and granting permissions.  They are the CARDS gatekeepers for an insurer or a TPA. 

  • Newly licensed insurers and TPAs will be contacted by WCS to complete and submit the CARDS Account Administrator Designation Form. 
  • Existing insurers and TPAs not yet registered or wishing to add, remove or update their existing Account Administrators should email to request the CARDS Account Administrator Designation Form.

Register in the CARDS Portal: 

Whether you are an Account Administrator or an Individual User, you will need to register in the portal.   Go to and click on the "Register Today" button.   

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.  Remember, your email address is your account ID. If your email changes, you will need to re-register with the new email address and be added by the  Account Administrator. 


Account Administrators:

After you have activated your account, send an email to with the following information:   

  • Insurer or TPA Name(s) for whom you are the Account Administrator
  • Nevada Certificate of Authority or License Number(s)
  • Your Name and Email Address

Once you have been added as an Account Administrator, you can then begin using the system and adding individual users and granting permissions.

Individual Users:

All 3 steps must be done before a user can successfully login and be associated with an insurer or TPA.

  • Register at  
  • Activate their account from the link in the email, and 
  • Be added by an Account Administrator

Granting User Permissions/Adding Users:
Only Account Administrators may grant permissions to Individual Users.     

   1. From the "Forms and Tools" Menu choose "User Access".

   2. Go to the Individual External Access Management section and click “Edit” for the individual you are                 granting permissions.

   3. Update and/or grant permissions as needed in the Active Users section of the page.


This area is also where Account Administrators can add individual users.  Individual users must register and activate their account before permissions can be granted.  The system does not send an invitation to users.  It is the Account Administrators’ responsibility to communicate, outside the system, with the users that they’ve been added and need to register online if they haven't already done so.   


Claims Indexing and Claims History Request Requirements (Version 3.1)

D-38 Manual Version 3.2



Flat File – We strongly encourage Insurers/TPAs to use the Flat File option to index claims. See the Flat File Format/Data Elements section below for more information.

Web Portal – The CARDS portal launched April 11, 2017.  Users must be granted D-38 permissions to submit claims indexing data using the CARDS Web Portal.

Paper Form – Effective January 1, 2019 Paper Form Not Accepted    



 Initial Reports: 

Within 30 days of  

  • Claim Determination (Acceptance or Denial of Claim) 


Within 30 days of any of the following

  • Benefit Start Date, End Date or Type Change (TTD, TPD, PPD, Rehab, PTD)
  • Change in Claim Determination (Denial to Acceptance or vice versa)
  • Claim Type Change (Med Only to Lost Time/Indemnity)
  • Change to/from Catastrophic Claim status
  • Finalized PPD rating and award offer
  • Claim Closure
  • Claim Reopening
  • Injured Employee Death
  • Any correction to or update of the Injured Employee’s Information including name, gender, birthdate, SSN, employer, etc
  • Any correction to or update of the Claim Information including claim number, date of injury, nature of injury, cause of injury, type of loss, body parts involved, etc.



Insurers and TPAs should submit D-38 Claims Indexing data for individual claims via the web portal or in bulk via flat file. This also includes all of the codes being used in Nevada.

 Claims Indexing Flat File Format:    D-38 Claims Flat File Format (rvsd 1/1/24  

Questions regarding submitting claims data using the Flat File format should be directed to CARDS Claims Indexing Coordinator, Patricia Barchus, at or by calling 702-486-9091. 

 Other Resources:


Download the External User Manual:   CARDS WEB PORTAL USER MANUAL  

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