Administrative Staff

Victoria Carreón

The DIR Administrator provides oversight, direction, policies and procedures, and establishes the goals and priorities for the Division; works most closely with the various Section Chief Administrative Officers to accomplish these directives. The Administrator reports to the Department of Business and Industry’s Director’s office.

Jodie Tonkin

Deputy Administrator
The Deputy Administrator assists the Division Administrator to guide the DIR in its mission to promote the health and safety of Nevada employees and ensures injured employees receive all benefits to which they are entitled. This Deputy Administrator works closely with Chief Administrative Officers of each of the Division's five sections to assist them in achieving their respective mission.

Christopher Eccles

Esq., Senior Division Counsel
The Legal Section provides legal review, advice, and representation to the Administrator and the various Sections comprising DIR, including review of regulations, Bill Draft Requests, and other issues that require an interpretation and/or analysis of present or proposed law.

Brennan Paterson

Chief Administrative Officer, Mechanical Compliance Section
The MCS CAO provides oversight, direction, ensures that policies and procedures are followed, and that regulations and codes are complied with on all elevators, escalators, moving walks, boilers, and pressure vessels. Safety of the public and the employees of all who use these pieces of equipment is our main goal.

Rodney Neils

Chief Administrative Officer, Mine Safety and Training Section
Created by Legislative Act in 1909, the Mine Safety and Training Section (MSATS) was created to establish a safe workplace for Nevada Miners. Pursuant to NRS 512, the CAO is responsible for ensuring that MSATS remains committed to protecting the lives of Nevada miners by providing the highest quality mine safety and training services, establishing and determining mine operator compliance with state and federal regulations, assisting mine operators in meeting compliance through development of training programs, and by providing consultation and technical assistance for all phases of commercial mining.

William Gardner

Chief Administrative Officer, NV OSHA
The NV OSHA CAO provides direct oversight for the operations of this Section and the reporting districts therein. Along with oversight, the CAO works closely with the Area Director for the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure the state program is diligent in its efforts in protecting workers within the State of Nevada.

Todd Schultz

Chief Administrative Officer, Safety Consultation and Training Section
The SCATS CAO manages all functions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Consultation program within the State of Nevada . SCATS helps Nevada’s small businesses by offering professional safety and health consultation services and training to improve the safety culture of Nevada employers and employees; all free of charge!

Jodi McCollins

Chief Administrative Officer, Workers’ Compensation Section
The CAO manages the Division’s Workers’ Compensation Section (WCS) statewide, which is comprised of four specialized units that function together to ensure injured workers’ claims are processed and paid in accordance with NRS Chapters 616 and 617.

Marisa Santizo

Administrative Assistant to the Administrator
The Administrative Assistant IV provides clerical and administrative support to the Administrator and the Deputy Administrator, including correspondence, email review and responses, scheduling, and travel arrangements; and serves as the Division’s Human Resource liaison.