Medical Providers

Revised C-4 Form & Discontinued C-4A eff 9/13/23

WCS Treating Panel of Physicians and Chiropractors - Effective 7/1/2020

Note: Asterisk (*) beside provider name denotes telemedicine provider only

WCS Rating Panel of Physicians and Chiropractors

  • Requirements for Joining the Rating Panel NAC 616C.021
  • Have three years or more of experience in industrial health in private practice as a physician or chiropractic physician.
  • Take one course on the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (AMA Guides) 5th Edition. Approved courses are available from the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) and the American Academy of Expert Medical Evaluators (AAEME).
  • Pass two examinations, including:
    • An examination provided by ABIME on the AMA Guides 5th Edition; and
    • The Nevada Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test which is administered by AAEME. New raters must take the version of the test provided on 12/10/2023 or later.
  • Submit the Rating Panel Application
  • Upon review by the Medical Unit that all the requirements above are met, you will be invited to attend a course provided by the Division of Industrial Relations on the following topics:
    • Nevada statues and regulations related to the evaluation of permanent partial disabilities; and
    • Form D-9(c) Permanent Work-Related Mental Impairment Rating Report Work Sheet

    Insurers’ Treating Provider List Requirements

    • Each insurer is required to submit their treating provider list to DIR/WCS per NRS 616C.087(6) 
    • Insurers are required to submit provider lists to DIR/WCS per NRS 616C.087(6); provider lists will only be accepted when submitted by insurers (not TPAs)
    • Each list must be certified by a claims adjuster licensed pursuant to NRS 684A per NRS 616C.087(6)
    • Insurers are requested to submit provider lists which are ADA compliant. For more information, see
    • Provider lists must be submitted in PDF format
    • Provider lists must be emailed to
      • Include the insurer's name and that a provider list(s) are attached in the subject line. This will ease identification and expedite processing
    • Direct further questions and concerns to

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