Medical Providers

Revised C-4 Form & Discontinued C-4A eff 9/13/23

WCS Treating Panel of Physicians and Chiropractors - Effective 7/1/2020

Note: Asterisk (*) beside provider name denotes telemedicine provider only

WCS Rating Panel of Physicians and Chiropractors

Insurers’ Treating Provider List Requirements

  • Each insurer is required to submit their treating provider list to DIR/WCS per NRS 616C.087(6) 
  • Insurers are required to submit provider lists to DIR/WCS per NRS 616C.087(6); provider lists will only be accepted when submitted by insurers (not TPAs)
  • Each list must be certified by a claims adjuster licensed pursuant to NRS 684A per NRS 616C.087(6)
  • Insurers are requested to submit provider lists which are ADA compliant. For more information, see
  • Provider lists must be submitted in PDF format
  • Provider lists must be emailed to
    • Include the insurer's name and that a provider list(s) are attached in the subject line. This will ease identification and expedite processing
  • Direct further questions and concerns to

    Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Information

    Medical Fee Schedules

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