Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial Hygiene Services

The State of Nevada Mine Safety and Training Section offers the following FREE Industrial Hygiene assistance:


Respirator Fit Testing:  We use the PortaCount for a more reliable result.  This allows for ease of use and peace of mind for the employee.  Respirator fit testing can be set up for your operations needs. 


Dust Sampling:  Silica dust is a problem in the majority of the state.  We can come to any site within the state for personal sampling.  We sample for an entire 8 hour shift to ensure accuracy of results for an 8 hour Time Weighted Average.  We also sample for various other types of dust as well. 


Fume and Vapor Sampling:  Many refineries and some underground mines have a combination of air contaminants, silver, lead and mercury commonly are found in facilities around the state.  Severe health problems can occur with these contaminants.  Welding fumes are also a common occurrence and easily sampled for. 


Noise Sampling:  Hearing loss is the number one occupational illness today despite the education of our work force and designs of hearing protection.  Noise dosimeters are worn by the employee for a shift and converted into an 8 hour Time Weighted Average and Percent Dose.   


Sampling for surface lead, mercury, nickel and cadmium:  Many processes have heavy metals either because of the composition of the ore or because of the type of processing that is used.  We use swabs to test for contamination or cross contamination to help prevent occupational illness of employees working in these processes.   


Ventilation Surveys:  Either a full ventilation survey of an underground mine or evaluations of fume hoods can be accomplished during any regular IH inspection.  We often find that employees overexposed to air contaminants are due to ventilation issues and when found these can be corrected by various means.   


Hazardous materials:  Identification, usage and storage can be completed and proper PPE can be recommended. 


Heat Stress:  One of the most overlooked health problems, heat and humidity, takes a toll on the worker in numerous ways.  Evaluations and recommendations for your site can be made during any IH survey. 


For additional information on these or other types of assistance that can be given for your particular site please feel free to contact us at 775-684-7085.